Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jets in Vancouver: Bargain!

This Westjet - New Leaf price war is opening up some fun opportunities, at a discount.

The Winnipeg Jets play in Vancouver on March 14th. If you'd like to go, Westjet will fly you there for $232. That's about half of the normal price.

To add a downtown hotel to this, I've turned to (Prices shown are flight and hotel included, per person.)

I've stayed at the Westin Grand (not pictured)  About $475 in this package scenario. It's a great hotel which I can certainly recommend and about 2 blocks from the arena.
The Rosdale is within 2 blocks as well. There are any number of convenient hotels including the Sandman.

Lonesdale Quay is not as conveniently located to the arena, but is in a shopping market like The Forks in Winnipeg and is also near the Ferry.

The game is on the 14th. If you prefer to travel on the 13th, to be safe, add about another $100 to your package.

The Jets will be in a playoff race at this point. Could be a heck of a game!

These prices won't last. Price wars can last a few days, or mere hours. Limited seats available.

Family Spring Break $1090 incl flights

How's this for one heck of a deal.... And it's on the school break!

3 Westjet tickets from Winnipeg to Kelowna
4 nights exceptionally rated hotel
Breakfast included.

$1087. NOT per person..... TOTAL

Like to Ski? Big White is just minutes away.

Screenshot is from

The price is so low because Westet has price matched New Leaf Airline's introductory fares to Kelowna, making the price under $200 return. Very limited time offer.

There are a number of area hotels similarly priced.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Deal Alert: YBR to Kona, Hawaii. $751

Heck of a deal!!! I cross referenced Trip Advisor and Expedia for reviews and prices. Reviews are very good. Expedia's price (same dates, same flights) are about $5000 per couple.  So if this is a Westjet typo, or a purposeful super-deal, I'd book now before it disappears.

Dates are available for Spring Break. Cost is about $2300 per couple.

Lots of dates available. Other Hawaiian islands are available, at about $600 more per couple.

Screenshots and prices as of 11:30pm January 5th.

Vegas from YBR under $500

Here's a nice easy flight from Brandon to Las Vegas. Great hotel, centre strip.

Book through Westjet Vacations or your favourite travel agent.

Vegas - Gamble on this deal?

What if I told you that you and a friend could fly to Las Vegas, from Minot and stay in a 4 star hotel at the centre of The Strip for $326.14 US Dollars.? (Total, for 2 people)  That's approximately $455 per couple in Canadian funds. Would you jump at that price?

Now what if I told you that you would fly Allegiant? Would you still think it was a bargain?

Even if I posted their 1-day travel alert and changes page here as well. (See bottom)
Would it still be worth the gamble?

Valid until Jan 7th, on stays of 3 nights or more. Per couple.

One way flights. Sample dates and prices

Cuba - All inclusive $733

Leaving on January 7th, for 7 nights and offered by Air Transat, you can enjoy a week in sunny Cuba for just $733 taxes included.  If you'd like to go on January 14th or 21st, it's just under $1000.

Very good Trip Advisor reviews.

Flights are direct from Winnipeg, however there is a bus transfer to the resort that takes almost 2 hours.

Book directly with or your favourite travel agent.

Remember, that to enter Cuba you must have a valid passport and proof of medical insurance.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Fast 5 Travel Tips: Save more for travel

Never enough money for travel, is there? What if you could save more, with very little effort?

Here are 5 tested and true tips to save. They key is to designate the money for your travel fund.

1. Those coins at the bottom of your purse, on your dresser, in the car.... grab them and put them in your travel account. Every time you find yourself at a teller, hand over all the loose change in your purse. Even if it's just $6, I promise, it will add up. (Let's say you get to the teller twice a month, that's $12. 12 months would be $144) 

2. Use a coupon app like Checkout 51 which gives you rebates for uploading your grocery bills. Once you accumulate $20 in credits, you can cash out and they will send you a cheque. Real money. No clipping coupons. ($20 quarterly, would be $80 for the year.)

3. Pay yourself for a chore. Laundry isn't a lot of fun, is it? What if you pay yourself a loonie for every load? Just stash a piggy bank in the laundry room. ($2 a week, would be $104 for the year.)

4. Sell something on the free classifieds. Doesn't have to be a car. Could be an extra purse or a book series you've finished. Painless but worthwhile. ($25 four times a year is $100)

5. Switch to a travel miles credit card. Like the Westjet MasterCard, or the TD Aeroplan card. Something that gives you tangible travel money for your regular credit card purchases. (At $250 average earning per year, you have a free savings subsidy already designated to travel.)

How does this add up? $144, $80, $104, $100 ($428 actual cash) $250 credit card perk.

Not bad for very little effort and/or change in lifestyle. $678!


For bonus savings, if you really want to kick butt and try for $1378: The 52 week challenge